Combining science and intuition to help you improve your web presence

Perhaps you know your small business needs a website. You might think you should be posting something on social media, but aren’t sure which ones to use or how to go about it. Sometimes you just don’t know what you need! Or maybe you have an idea, but aren’t quite sure how to proceed.

Technology changes fast, and if that’s not the focus of your business, it can be difficult to keep up! There’s no reason you need to be the expert on everything. Even though you could do it all yourself, there are times when it makes sense to ask a professional for help.

Focus on what you know best – your business or organization – and let Heather assist you with your web needs!

She’ll take a holistic look at what (if anything) you are doing now and help you figure out a path forward.  Heather can help you devise a digital strategy and get you set up to succeed.

Let Heather assist with things like:

  • Creating a new website for you that’s easy to update
  • Setting up your social media accounts
  • Making your current site better
  • Choosing new software or selecting a vendor
  • Finding ways to automate computer tasks
  • Hiring a tech employee (including assisting with crafting a job description, sorting through resumes, even sitting in on interviews!)
  • Training on new or existing software
  • Bringing your idea for a website to fruition

So many people think they need a website, social media presence, email marketing, ads, business cards, etc etc etc but never think to stop about why!! They just do it because everyone else is, someone said they should, their competition has one, etc. And if you do things without understanding your strategic why then you often waste time and money!

If you’re not clear on your customers and goals, it takes a lot more back and forth with your designer/developer/content writer or you end up with something that might be what you said you wanted but isn’t what you need.

If you’re on the wrong social media channels for your audience you’re wasting time, ad dollars, etc and potentially even weakening your brand.

Often times people aren’t tracking their success or failure with the things they are doing. Or things seem fine on the surface but they’re not actually seeing conversion and not sure why.

I can perform site audits of existing sites and make suggestions on why that might be, suggest things that can be tested to see if they are a problem and also test what the right solution might be so there’s data to act on rather than guesses.

I can help people determine what exactly they need to in order to match business goals to technology. For instance picking the best software to use, ways to look at simplifying or automating processes, cost savings, etc

If they’re looking at having software created it can help to have someone other than a developer to work with and come up with specs on what it needs to do, including creating and basing that on things like user profiles.

If a person is looking at hiring a developer or other freelancer and may not know what exactly they’re looking for I can help with things like what info to provide to get the bids from people you want to work with and how to evaluate the ones you do get or even how to best choose people off sites like fivrr. (Same goes for hiring employees.)

I can also help evaluate what is created for you. Like do you really know what the developer handed you isn’t a pile of crap that’s going to break, take minutes to load or is easily hacked?

I’ve worn all the hats. I’ve been employed as a designer, developer, analyst, content writer, project manager, etc. I have developed tested and sent emails, managed social media accounts, and more. I am a lean Six Sigma Green Belt, so trained on things like process improvement. I feel like I’m in a good position to offer info on most of those (again, not marketing).

People are often passionate about their business but they can’t be expected to know everything about tech too, especially if they’re a solopreneur or small business with only a handful of employees. You don’t know what you don’t know, but I have 22 years knowledge I can lend.